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Balanced Rock Silhouette And The Milky Way

Whenever one undertakes photography of the Milky Way, a variety of things must be taken into consideration. Timing is everything, and you have to wear a variety of hats, including those of a weather man and astronomer, and not just a photographer. The Milky Way migrates across the sky throughout the year, and over the course of the evening. Then you have to worry about what the moon is doing, as it can ruin the entire shot if its high in the sky and near its brightest. You also have to keep in mind how the subject of the shot, in this case, Balanced Rock (in silhouette) in Arches National Park, is oriented in relation to the Milky Way, and any man-made light pollution sources. With regard to the latter, Moab is still pretty small, so Arches is one of the best places to take shots like these, not withstanding the wonderful geologic landmarks it is world famous for.

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